Kavya ♡ 21 ♡ capricorn

♡ Iteration 73, "nice" guy, old friend
♡ I like to draw and design as a hobby
♡ Granblue fantasy, fgo, dmc, etc.

♡ about ♡

♡ I'm Kavya. I'm a university student; majoring in psychology.
♡ I do not have any prefered pronouns. Just about anything is okay. Please, do not use "it" though.
♡ I am mixed race Guyanese.

♡ byf ♡

♡ Feel free to follow, unfollow, soft block, block or whatever! No hard feelings whatsoever.
♡ I won't follow back if you're younger than 18 years old.
♡ I don't usually post nsfw content, but I don't mind if my 18+ mutuals post nsfw content. Just don't be gross tbh

♡ favorites ♡

♡♡♡ Karna (fate)
♡♡♡ Nero (dmc)
♡♡♡ Chrom (FE13)
♡♡ My Melody (sanrio)
♡♡ Lucio (gbf)
♡♡ Booster Gold (DC)

I have more favorites, I just can't think of them.